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5-Piece ‘Bedroom in a Bag’: Duvet Cover, Curtains, Fitted Sheet and Pillowcases! Offer Price £ 22.99
Set up a super cosy sleep zone with this 5-Piece 'Bedroom in a Bag' Includes: 1 x duvet cover, 2 x pillow cases, 1 x fitted sheet, 1 x pair of curtains with tie backs Pick from 4 prints: tartan check, patchwork/roses, butterflies or parisian butterfly plum Some covers are reversible - flip for a fresh new print. Choose from double or king sizes (see Full Details for measurements) Quick way to make bare interiors feel cosy and chic, and add a theme Perfect back to university buy for students to kit them out with a stylish room Bed linen is machine washable; made from 48% cotton and 52% polyester   Buying Options: 22.99 pounds for a 5-Piece 'Bedroom in a Bag' (Double) 26.99 pounds for a 5-Piece 'Bedroom in a Bag' (King Size)  
Night-Sky Galaxy Duvet Set – Double or Kingsize Offer Price £ 16.99
Set includes a duvet cover and matching pillowcases Available in pink or blue tones Sizes range from double or king-size Magical star design with graduated, skyline-inspired tonal print Blends the dark and light shades beautifully Unique and eye-catching finishing touch for any bedroom Material: 48% cotton, 52% polyester Easy care, machine washable finish minimises ironing Standard UK Dimensions: Double dimensions: W 200 x L 200cm King Size dimensions: W 220 x L 230cm Pillowcase dimensions: W 50 x L 75cm   Buying Options 16.99 pounds instead of 29.99 pounds for the Double Night-Sky Galaxy Duvet Set - save 43% 19.99 pounds instead of 34.99 pounds for the King-Size Night-Sky Galaxy Duvet Set - save 43%
3-in-1 Smartphone-Connected Video Doorbell With Intercom – 2 Colours & Optional SD Card Offer Price £ 24.99
Never leave your nest unattended; get the 3-in-1 Video Doorbell With Intercom Choose from silver or black Option to include a 32GB SD card to store your videos Get a doorbell, video camera and intercom all rolled into one Connect the doorbell to your home Wi-Fi to achieve a 2-way intercom Requires 2x 18650 batteries (not included) When a visitor presses the bell a video call will be sent to your chosen phone Compatible with Android and Apple Smart Devices Features HD 720P image quality with a night vision  New edition camera covers an angle of 166° Low power consumption and long stand-by with remote active wake up and quick start Doorbell can be put outside thanks to waterproof design Keep a record of your visitors by saving the recording on to a TF card  Great if you're at home and want to see who is there - or if you're out and about. Note: this will only work on a 2.4ghz network not a 5ghz network Please see Full Details for specifications Buying Options:  24.99 pounds instead of 159.99 pounds for the video doorbell only - save 84% 29.99 pounds instead of 179.99 pounds for the video doorbell and 32GB SD card - save 83%  
Automatic Stainless Steel Bottle Opener – 4 Colours
21 hours ago

Automatic Stainless Steel Bottle Opener - 4 Colours

£ 6.99👍 £ 29.99
Crack a bottle with this Automatic Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Choose from black, gold, rose gold and colourful Automatic and effortless   Made from lightweight and durable stainless steel  Simply put the beer opener onto the bottle and press the top of the opener Great gift for the beverage fan in your life. Dimensions: 8.7cm x 5.3cm x 5.3cm Impress your guests with this Automatic Stainless Steel Bottle Opener - save 77% 
16-Inch 3-Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan – 1 or 2
21 hours ago

16-Inch 3-Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan - 1 or 2

£ 24.99👍 £ 109.99
Feel a cool breeze on the hottest days with the 16-Inch 3-Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan Portable and lightweight design allows you to take a flow of cool air anywhere Features a sturdy 62cm cross base so it stays secure Switch between 3 airflow speeds - perfect for changing temperatures and seasons 3-blade design optimises air flow for an extra-cool breeze Has a durable mesh grill to help direct the flow Ideal for your work or at home Choose to get 1 or 2 fans Buying Options: 24.99 pounds instead of 109.99 pounds for 1 x Pedestal Fan - save 77% 39.99 pounds instead of 219.98 pounds for 2 x Pedestal Fans - save 82%  
Telescopic Stainless Steel Drinking Straw – 5 Colours
21 hours ago

Telescopic Stainless Steel Drinking Straw - 5 Colours

£ 6.99👍 £ 19.99
Protect the environment with this Telescopic Stainless Steel Drinking Straw  Choose from silver, gold, black, blue and red Environmental friendly straws are reusable and durable Smart and elegant design  Telescopic design that retracts and extends Great for the whole family  Drink cocktails, juices and smoothies with ease  Perfect for any occasion  Dishwasher safe and easy to clean  Help to reduce waste levels with these Homiu Stainless Steel Straws - save 65% 


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