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BodyTrain ES-7021 Racing Studio Style Exercise Bike White Offer Price £199.95
The ES-7021 is a stylish, high-quality racing studio-style exercise bike from BodyTrain. It offers plenty of attractive features at a very competitive price. It offers the same features you would find on bikes you would find in the classes at your local gym or spin bike class, but for a fraction of the cost. The BodyTrain ES-7021 Racing Studio Style Exercise Bike is ideal for your home fitness cardio workouts and features a phone/tablet holder to help keep you entertained on those longer fat burning workouts. The massive 16Kg flywheel that is fitted at the front of the BodyTrain ES-7021 combined with a super quiet belt-driven transmission system ensures a smooth and steady workout. The ES-7021 bike uses a twist/push to stop resistance control which is exactly the same as you would find on commercial grade spin bikes at your local gym, this allows you to select the perfect amount of resistance to meet your workout needs for the best possible results and the 'punch' braking system is hig
Ironman 4kg Cast Iron Coated Kettlebell Offer Price £24.95
Kettlebells are very simple but effective home gym equipment that are very effective in improving core strength and stability and are increasingly popular in CrossFit and circuit training. The Ironman 4kg Cast Iron Coated Kettlebell features a flat bottom for stability, a large comfortable handle and the colourful coating helps protect floors. Kettlebells can be used in a wide variation of ways to exercise making them ideal for home fitness workouts. They can be held in different ways to vary exercises and you can even use them as a handle for uneven push ups. NOTE; The colour of the kettlebell may not be the same as on the image.
Lontek U3 Folding Motorised Treadmill Offer Price £449.95
The Lontek U3 Bluetooth Treadmill is a space-saving and stable running machine. It is a very high-quality piece of home fitness equipment and features a powerful 2 horsepower motor and a joint-friendly 4-zone damping system.You won’t get bored while working out thanks to the phone/tablet holder, Bluetooth connectivity, Gfit app compatibility and inbuilt stereo speakers. LED screen with mobile phone/tablet holder, Bluetooth connectivity and Stereo speakers The LED screen shows work out details such as speed, running distance, running time and calorie consumption. The console with the shelf is not only ideal for listening to music, but also for using our "Gfit" app. With this APP you can record your training and share it with friends or family as you wish. It is compatible with Apple and Android. Powerful 2HP Motor The top-quality motor is not only quieter and energy-saving than a traditional induction motor, it also exceeds it by around 25% in terms of efficiency and power density, furt
Ironman Olympic Grey Hammerton Tri-Grip Plates 2x 2.5lb Offer Price £18.95
Go green with the patented eco-friendly design of the Classic Olympic Weight Plate. Made of recyclable, environmentally conscious iron. These plates are a perfect addition to any home gym! We also have compatible bars and other sized weight plates in our store.
Ironman Olympic Grey Hammerton Tri-Grip Plates 2x 35lb Offer Price £79.95
Go green with the patented eco-friendly design of the Classic Olympic Weight Plate. Made of recyclable, environmentally conscious iron. Each plate has a three-hole design and each hole has a smooth specially shaped grip feature so you can perform Kettlebell style exercises with them, enabling you to add more variety to your workouts. These plates are a perfect addition to any home gym! We also have compatible bars and other sized weight plates in our store.
IronMan IM-306 Advanced 3 Station Home Multi Gym With Punch Bag Offer Price £599.95
If you are going to work out at home, you need equipment that is up to the job. The IronMan IM-306 Advanced 3 Station Multi Gym With Punching Bag comes with a 132lb shrouded weight stack to make sure you will never outgrow your limit. It is strongly built from 50mm box section steel and its tough pulley system uses braided steel cable sheathed in plastic for extra protection. This advanced 3 station gym not only features a hanging punching bag but also an ab station, a padding preacher pad for bicep curls, a leg extension station, a dip, pull up and padded leg raise station, a lat pulldown bar with rest, a multi-function chest exercise section, leg extension bar with ankle strap for greater variability and a chain handlebar for rowing and bicep exercise. These are all designed to be as versatile as possible, giving a wide range of exercise options in a very compact unit. The punching bag is connected at both the top and the bottom, this reduces excessive swinging of the bag making it e


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E-Careers Lifestyle
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