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Wireless Digital Kitchen Thermometer – Black or Silver
13 hours ago

Wireless Digital Kitchen Thermometer - Black or Silver

£ 9.99👍 £ 49.90
Make sure your meat is super-safe with the Wireless Digital Kitchen Thermometer Features a large and easy-to-read display with the temperature Simply insert the probe into your food and read the temperature on the wireless display You can take it with you into the living room and get live readings from the kitchen. Includes presets for 8 types of meat as well as different cooking preferences Get the perfect 'well done' or 'rare' steak as well as other options With clear buttons to set timers and change settings Powered by 4 x AAA batteries (not included) Materials: ABS plastic and food-grade stainless steel Dimensions: 12cm x 6.2cm See Full Details for product specifications Choose from 2 colours: black or silver Save 80% on the Wireless Digital Kitchen Thermometer - now only 9.99 pounds    
Kids’ Reusable PP File Pockets & Pens
13 hours ago

Kids' Reusable PP File Pockets & Pens

£ 7.99👍 £ 29.99
Unlock educational opportunities for your child with these Kids' Reusable PP File Pockets and Pens Transparent pockets to see documents' contents at a glance Comes in a range of colours (randomly assorted) Easy to use - simply pop a worksheet into the pocket and write with the provided pens. Durable and washable Can be used repeatedly - pen wipes off with ease. Comfortably holds A4 sheets of paper Dimensions: (approx.) 23cm x 30.5cm Made from PVC Great for teaching the kids at home Comes with 5 x file pockets and 5 x pens Make learning fun with these PP File Pockets With Pens - save 73% 
CBeebies ‘My First Art Desk’ 2-in-1 Chalk & White Board
13 hours ago

CBeebies 'My First Art Desk' 2-in-1 Chalk & White Board

£ 14.99👍 £ 29.99
Have some fun at play time with the CBeebies 'My First Art Desk' 2-in-1 Chalk and White Board This art desk comes with a white board on one side and a chalk board on the other Comes with 5 x coloured chalks, 20 x sheets of A4 and 4 x whiteboard markers With plenty of space to store your pens and chalks Has a compartment underneath to store paper and finished masterpieces Remove the pen holders and use them at a table or take them on the go Suitable for children aged 3+ Save 50% on the CBeebies 'My First Art Desk' 2-in-1 Chalk and White Board
5 or 10-Pack of Seedling Starter Trays
13 hours ago

5 or 10-Pack of Seedling Starter Trays

£ 9.99👍 £ 29.99
Get your own greenhouse started with the 5 or 10-Pack of Seedling Starter Trays These handy trays are perfect for seed starting and beginners Each tray has 12 cells so you can plant individual seeds Simply pop the lid on to maintain humidity and warmth for optimal growth Made from durable plastic Designed with drain holes on the base Fill with some nutrient-rich soil and plant tomatoes, herbs, peppers and more. A great way to get started on gardening and green eating Dimensions: 18.7cm (L) x 14.5cm (W) x 11cm (H) Choose from a pack of 5 or 10 trays Buying Options: 9.99 pounds instead of 29.99 pounds for a 5-Pack of Trays - save 67% 14.99 pounds insetad of 59.99 pounds for a 10-Pack of Trays - save 75%
1km Military-Grade Flashlight & 5pc Accessory Box
13 hours ago

1km Military-Grade Flashlight & 5pc Accessory Box

£ 6.99👍 £ 29.99
Light up with Military-Grade Flashlight and 5pc Accessory Box This impressive torch reaches up to 1km so you can see into the distance Features 5 x zoom modes, including a flash and SOS function Shockproof design is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping Has a white light LED technology that is used in the US army Includes a clip to attach it to your belt No batteries included  Opt to also get a 5-piece accessory box Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (not included) Buying Options: 6.99 pounds instead of 29.99 pounds for the Flashlight - save 77% 9.99 pounds instead of 59.99 pounds for the Flashlight and Box - save 83%     
A4 LED Graphic Drawing Board
13 hours ago

A4 LED Graphic Drawing Board

£ 12.99👍 £ 29.99
Get colourful and creative with the A4 LED Graphic Drawing Board Designed with an acrylic surface perfect for stenciling, scrap-books and sketching Perfect as a gift for budding art enthusiasts Or as a great work tool for graphic designs, artists and architects Working area: 31.1cm x 23.3cm x 0.35cm Comes complete with a USB cable for charging Trade in your dot-to-dot for a A4 LED Graphic Drawing Board for 12.99 pounds
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