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Wireless Bluetooth Car Kit with Microphone – 2 Colours Offer Price £ 9.99
Connect your smartphone to your car with the Wireless Bluetooth Car Kit Pair with Bluetooth devices to use as a hands-free kit Connect your smartphone to your radio to listen to your own music or streaming service  Switches to hands-free mode automatically when a call is incoming Built-in microphone picks up your voice clearly during calls Includes dual USB outputs for charging your devices or connecting a sat-nav LED display makes it easy to view frequency  Available in black or grey designs See Full Details for technical specifications Save 75% on today’s deal for the Wireless Bluetooth Car Kit for 9.99 pounds instead of 39.99 pounds
8.5 or 10 Inch LCD Writing Pad – 4 Colours Offer Price £ 9.99
Make writing and sketching more fun with this 8.5” or 10” LCD Writing Pad in 4 Colours Small and lightweight, you can carry it anywhere A practical tool for interactive learning Use it for sketching out ideas or write down notes Suitable for any age, including children An eco-friendly alternative to paper Not harmful for the eyes and dust-free Blackboard design with writing pen Comes with delete button so you can re-use it Anti-drop and damage resistant with protective frame Enjoy a smooth, realistic writing feeling Use the back of the pad as a mouse pad Available in the colours green, black, blue and red Buying Options: 9.99 pounds instead of 69.99 pounds for the 8.5" pad - save 86% 13.99 pounds instead of 99.99 pounds for the 10" pad - save 86%
Ultra Fast Charging Cables For Android or Apple – 2 Pack Offer Price £ 4.99
Charge your device quickly with this Pack of 2 Ultra-Fast Charging Cables For Android and Apple Choose between a Micro USB, Type C or Lightning cables High-speed charging with 2A charging current EU quality standards with protection against short circuiting, overloading and overheating Resistant silicone cable and strong connectors Flat cable can reduce chances of tangling Suitable for iPhones, iPads, older and more recent Android devices Each cable is 1m long 12-month warranty from seller Save 75% on the Pack of 2 Ultra-Fast Charging Cables For Android and Apple for 4.99 pounds
Bottlebrush Callistemon Bush – 2 Options!
Get a bottlebrush Callistemon bush. Features the most eye-catching fluffy red cylindrical flower heads. Produces a delicious lemony citrus scent as you brush past it. Very versatile plant, perfect as a specimen on the lawn, against the wall. Height: 50-60 cm tall, ready to plant out or re-pot. Perfect addition to any flowery garden!
6-Blade Mandoline Slicer
Get a six-blade mandoline slicer Fast and convenient kitchen tool, offers a variety of cutting and slicing techniques. Features six different blades for cutting and slicing different foods. Includes an anti-skid collection box for keeping slices fresh and secure. Has a slicing guard hand protector to keep hands safe while in use. Perfect addition to your kitchen utensils!
15Pc Rainbow Manicure & Pedicure Nail Grooming Kit
Get a 15-piece rainbow manicure and pedicure nail kit. Black polishing anti-skid technology. Made of top-quality black steel. Plus, the case is made from high-quality fabric and PU leather. A stylish and elegant set. Makes a great gift for someone who loves to take care of their nails.
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