£2 for a 30-day subscription to Yoga International’s online yoga platform and a Yoga Strength course – get access to hundreds of classes! Offer Price £2.00

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Yoga International Bundle – 30-Day Membership & Yoga Course

Yoga bundle: Get a one-month subscription to Yoga International’s phenomenal online yoga learning platform, as well as a complete course on Yoga Strength in this fab bundle. Yoga International: Dedicated to bringing convenient and professional yoga classes to people of all ages and ability groups, this wildly popular online yoga platform brings together hundreds of experts specialising in a variety of styles. Subscription: Explore with one whole month membership to the online yoga platform, with access to over 1000 on-demand classes as well as live teaching. From yoga therapy to ayurveda, meditation to vinyasa, there is sure to be a class for you. Yoga your way: Browse all there is on offer and stream straight to your device, or download to watch offline! With plenty of classes for total beginners as well as advanced techniques, there’s a whole world of yoga at your fingertips. Strength course: Bundle also includes access to one Yoga International’s courses. Develop your yoga with this comprehensive course focused on building up your strength. Enjoy unlimited access even outside of your subscription! One million plus fans: Join a growing community of yoga lovers using Yoga International – check out their Facebook page with over one-million likes!


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