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Garden Room – Flat Roof Edition …
The stylish and contemporary design of our Flat Roof Edition Garden Rooms is truly stunning.
Proven Quality with a 10 Year Warranty for guaranteed piece of mind …
Made from toughened aluminium by well known German manufacturer GardenDreams International all component parts are of the highest quality and the options for you as a buyer are vast.
Choose a size that fits you:
We offer 4 standard sizes from 300cm by 250cm to 300cm by 400cm but if you require dimensions outside these then bespoke models can be built on request.
Freestanding or attached:
The Flat Roof Edition can be purchased as an attachment to your house or as a freestanding structure – the choice is yours.
Optically Flat Roof with Integrated Drainage System:
Water flows effortlessly off the optically flat roof directly into the gutters where there are not one but two built in drainage systems to ensure that ALL excess water is drained from the Garden Room itself all year round.
Three Different Roof Edge Options:
Standard Flat Edge with 5cm overhang.
Enhanced Flat Edge with 22cm overhang and LED possibility.
Enhanced Rounded Edge with 22cm overhang and LED possibility.
The Sides and Roof:
Again, choice is the key here. There are four basic options that can be combined as you see fit …
Clear Glass – transparent 8mm laminated glass
Matt Glass – 8mm laminated glass with a high quality PVB foil which gives the glass itself a soft misted appearance.
Stopsol Glass – this is a silver-grey coloured glass that is heat resistant.
Finished Aluminium Panels – 16mm thick with a sleek and calm appearance.
Glass Door Options:
Obviously, we also offer the option to add Glass Doors to your Garden Room there are two options here either Double Doors or Sliding Doors depending on the size of Garden Room you buy.
LED Lighting Options:
Enjoy your Garden Room in the evening with LED Lighting …
LED Strip Lighting incorporated into the 22cm Roof Edge option.
Dimmable LED Spot Lights incorporated into the roof beams themselves.
LED spotlights in the glass panels on the roof.

Width: 300cm
Depth: (Choice of sizes) 250cm // 300cm / 350cm / 400cm

Garden Room | 3M Wide | Garden Dreams Range

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