Windows 10 October 2020 Update, version 20H2: Update Assistant install tutorial

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Windows 10 tutorial: Steps to upgrade to Windows 10 October 2020 Update, version 20H2, using the Update Assistant tool. On “October 20,” the Update Assistant tool install available for any version of Windows 10 without the need to use Windows Update.
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Table of contents:
00:00 – Introduction
00:27 – Download Update Assistant for version 20H2 steps
00:38 – Use Update Assistant to install version 20H2 steps
02:20 – Confirm version 20H2 installation steps

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  2. Mine was windows 7 ultimate. I downloaded update assistant took so long and finally got windows 10 version. After login now my computer does not respond to start button or even right click .. nothing works. It is stuck😭😭…pls help😭😭

  3. It keep starting from 1 to 100, I had the download done like 4 times and yet no installation done

  4. if i click minimize will it be ok?

  5. I couldn`t run an exe file but I heard the update will fix it.

  6. It's taking forever with my potato internet.

  7. Tysm for this video on how to use this. Windows update in settings keeps giving me a error but this works

  8. im scared on this update cause my computer is warning me to update the windows like chernobyl is about to explode again!!

    and this is my first time updating a full operating system not just some small updates

  9. Mine goes to 100% and re sets back to 0%

  10. i dont want to lose any of my files but i wanna update 20h2

  11. How tf did yours take so fast. I got a good gaming comp and its been almost 1 and a half hours while its still stuck in 24%

  12. will it delete my files and my installed games?

  13. Can you please tell me the size of the download? (I mean the update itself and not the assistant)

  14. Will this delete anything or any of your apps or games?

  15. Bro my update assistant got automatically closed at 93 percent( pls help).

  16. Mines stuck at zero no clue what to do. I've troubleshooted, and cleared caches. Nothing is working. I hate windows.

  17. Hi bro i have window 10 home preactive it will work on it my windows will be still activated

  18. this video helped me lot! i installed 20H2 Update but sadly my pc got slow so i returned back to previous version

  19. After this update there is a folder named windows update in windows C partition. After installing updates shall i delete the folders

  20. Bro I 20h2 update my lappy through windows assistant then now it's taking long time to restart it is showing working on update 24%

  21. so it dosen't reset your data?


  23. I did this but after restart it install 10% and then undo the changes and reverts it back to 1909. So I'm stuck now.

  24. When i click restart my system just restarts and is in the same version. I dont get the blue screen saying “working on update” and when the pc finishes restarting the windoows 10 update assistant is closed, so when i open it it just says that if i want to get the newest update. xd

  25. Will it delete my all files and folders?

  26. Can we do overnight ?

  27. I want to do this to fix setting which is not opening.