Purple Harry Lube Wet / Dry


The Purple Harry lube is a must for any cleaning and maintenance regime, both wet and dry lubes ensure your chain and derailleurs are sufficienty lubed to allow you to pedal smoothly and shift slickly around the roads or trails, plus it prevents against rusting.  Choose either Wet or Dry depending on your riding discipline, environment or predominant weather condition. Wet Lube Wet lubes are designed, unsurprisingly, for wet conditions. Where your bicycle will endure rain / water potentially on a regular basis – for example on your commuter, over the winter months or regularly hitting the wet and muddy trails. Wet lubes last longer as they aren’t easily washed away – although they are more prone to collecting grit which should be wiped away if accumulated. Purple Harry’s Wet Chain Lube is a reduced ‘fling’ formula – but does need to be applied correctly. A common mistake when lubing the chain is to use too much! Apply one drop on each link or a thin stream whilst pedaling backwards to the top and bottom of the chain and wipe off the excess or it will splatter where you don’t want it to! Dry Lube Dry lubes aren’t just meant for dry conditions – they are designed for all conditions but most suited to the usual weather mix we get here in the UK – i.e. a temperate climate. A good choice for the best bike as the drivetrain looks generally cleaner – grit is attracted to the lube but this then drops off. This does mean that more frequent application is required but Purple Harry’s Dry Chain Lube effectively cleans the chain with use and a de-grease isn’t always necessary. Apply a thin stream whilst back pedalling, shift through all the gear combinations to work into the chain and ideally leave for an hour before riding. AS WITH ANY LUBE OR OIL – AVOID CONTACT WITH BRAKING AREAS AND SURFACES!