VR Gaming Head Set 3D Glasses

Price: £16.99

Compatibility: Designed to hold phones 4.0″ – 6.3″. Compatible with Android/IOS. VR headset: Get this VR case 5 headset! Comfortable: The headband material is made of a comfy wool fabric, with soft sponge cushioning material. Immersive experience: Enter a whole new world through the amazing VR technology, the 3D feature simulates a realistic reality! Special lenses: Independently developed 4.0 high definition optical orthoscopic special lenses – creates a clear viewing experience and prevents dizziness. Gamepad: Equipped with a VR case exclusive gamepad to play games! Vr Gaming Head Set 3D Glasses | Living Social

Catagory: Electronic & RC Toys

Company: LivingSocial UK



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