The closest seaside resort to Tokyo: Hotel Johgashima Asobigasaki Resort


An introduction to Hotel Johgashima Asobigasaki Resort!

The closest resort to Tokyo. Only an hour and a half by car!

It is located near many tourist locations such as Yokohama (Japan’s second largest city), Hakone (a famous hot springs town with a view of nearby Mt. Fuji), Kamakura (where you will find various temples and shrines as well as beautiful sand beaches), Odawara (one of the 100 Historical Parks in Japan) and Hakkejima Sea Paradise (one of the top aquariums in Japan).

Hotel Johgashima Asobigasaki Resort has a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji to the west and an ocean view of the Boso Peninsula to the east. It is surrounded by nature, the beautiful ocean, culture and history. Its a rare site to see such a resort so close to Tokyo.

Japanese style and Western style rooms are both available.

All rooms have an ocean view and include a private bathroom with bathtub. A communal bath, cypress scented bath, and outdoor Jacuzzi are also available.

Enjoy the nightlife or have a garden barbecue party with friends! Go cycling, fishing or sea kayaking! Or just relax in the jacuzzi! There are so many ways to enjoy your stay at Hotel Johgashima Asobigasaki Resort!

【For questions or reservations please contact】
TEL: +81(0)46-881-0220

Johgashima, Asobigasaki Resort Hotel
372-1 Johgashima Misaki-cho,
Miura-shi, Kanagawa-ken 238-0237

ホテル城ヶ島 遊ヶ崎リゾート

 格安動画制作チーム スタジオAOBA
 フリーダイヤル +81(0)45-832-7440

  事業開発室 犀川(さいかわ)まで


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